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Google Drive – A paradise for piracy

Date: 12-09-2017 by: Banca IP Law Firm

Google Drive – A paradise for piracy

According to Mashable, those who desire for online hunting and sharing pirated content online love the Google Drive service because of the free storage of up to 15GB that Google offers.


A recent report related to Google Drive found that copyright-holding organizations submitted more than 5,000 requests to Google in August, in order to ask Google to remove unlawful content stored on their server. Meanwhile, the MEGA service received only about 100 requests, and Dropbox only got about 12 requests.

Notably, in addition to posting an entire movie or TV show, those who share pirated content also come up with a unique method: they shall upload this content on YouTube, set it to unlisted mode, and then compose a text file with the link to the unlisted file.

Basically, content marked as unlisted by the user is likely to be the least likely to be detected by the system. Sharing a list of links through Google Drive, and then posting a link to this list on Drive, is like having a group share a secret directory.

Google Drive has become a paradise for pirated content. In the past, people relied on file sharing services (which have already died) such as Megaupload or YouSendIt to share music, movies … or relied on torrent services with high speed like The Pirate Bay, Mininova … (under the control of the government and copyright protection organizations), the appearance of Google Drive with good security, high usability, acceptable speed, is a perfect end.

Google Drive is now a double-faced: the face of a legitimate legal business entrepreneur, and behind it is a secret shed that is likely to share pirated content.

This causes a headache for Google. “Google Drive has a good anti-piracy system, and we’ve been working hard to contribute to protecting our copyrights, preventing theft in the whole system of our products” said the search giant.

This Google’s statement does not seem to solve the problem. After all, no one wants its services to be used for evil purposes, of course, these purposes do not bring them any financial benefits. Only time will tell us how Google will solve this problem.