Banca provides clients the following services:

•  Counselling on copyrights application/registration;

•  Copyrights assignment and licensing;

•  Dealing with infringements of copyrights.

Filing Requirements in Vietnam

 I. Required Information of Applicants 

1.  Full name, address and nationality of the applicant;

2.  Full name, pseudonym (if any), nationality, date of birth, and address of the author;

3.  Title, type of the work, date, place and form of publication of the work (if the work is published);

4.  A brief description of the work (which can be handled by our firm).

II. Required Documents      

1.  A Power of Attorney, signed by the applicant and duly notarized to be submitted on the filing date;  [Download]

2.  A duly notarized Deed of Assignment from the author to the Applicant if they are not the same person;

3.  Documents to confirm the legal existence and current business activities if the applicant is an entity;

4.  A copy of the author’s passport/identity card;

5.  Five (5) copies of the work;